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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  March 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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free and reduced lunch, mostly black and latino. i'd say 90 to 95 percent. and in just four years, we are now at 64 percent free and reduced lunch and just about 50 percent black and latino. >> reporter: sandra is the principal of the school. for the first time ever, she and principals of six schools across the city are allowed to set aside a certain percentage of seats for students in need. >> ours is 20 percent. for us, it's english language learners and children in the child welfare system. >> reporter: the education department is trying to encourage diversity in schools in gentrifying neighborhoods like crown heights. with upper and middle class families moving in, low income students can get shut out of schools. david tipson, the executive director of new york apple seeds which integrates city schools, explains. >> the problem with elementary
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two systems on top of each other. a hybrid system of assignment by school zone in most districts and we have a layer of school choice. and what that tends to do is to make certain schools almost impossible to get into if you're not high income because you can't afford to live -- or to buy in a particular zone. >> reporter: some have accused the department of failing to make integration a department. new admission figures at eight city high schools paints a clear picture. out of 950 students offered seats in next year's freshman class at stiveson high school, the principal hopes to reverse the trend and make diversity part of the everyday conversation.
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different background, different socioeconomic levels, and they just see a friend, a classmate, someone who helps them with spanish, someone who helps them with reading, and that's the kind of culture i'm hoping we transfer to our children. news. ernie: all right. thank you very much. nice transition right now. my guest is here. we saw you on that story. this is sandra soto, the principal of brooklyn arts and science elementary school. nice to have you here. what a pleasure. your school is doing really great. a model school. this is one out of seven in the city. tell us about the positive results. >> well, already i'm really seeing children learn to accept one another, to become more tolerant, more patient with one another. we actually have about 30 percent of our students who have special needs. and they're integrated into classrooms with general education students. we see that every student has
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to the learning experience. ernie: what a great experience. you know, so many lessons to be learned in the school and in society. how's the faculty dealing with these unique challenges? >> it's challenging. it's wonderful to have an inclusive school, but there are challenges that go with that. along with poverty are special challenges such as food in security security, parents that may have to work seven days a week and not be able to provide the same kind of support to their children. education. ernie: of course. >> and for teachers to try to meet the needs of such a wide range of learners in one classroom is quite challenging. ernie: tell us about integration. we talked about you being one of the model schools. there's a lot of gentrification. impacted by this. should be.
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other neighborhoods? >> so i think it is becoming more and more of a priority, and i'm hearing the conversation all over the city right now, which is really, really encouraging. and i'm excited to be a part of the pilot. i think it's the right approach. every school is so unique that it's important that we do our research, that we learn what works and that we do this carefully so it's done well. ernie: you think the future looks bright? when we talk about making it a priority? you certainly want that and a lot of other people do. >> i wouldn't be in this work if i didn't think the future was bright, especially because of our children. just recently we held a great event at our school in celebration of african-american history month, and it was put together by a cross-section of my parents, from every walk of life -- ernie: so parents were involved. >> absolutely. absolutely. they've taken the lead on this
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school. they see the value it has for their children. and they've gotten to know each other in ways that maybe they might not have reached out or extended themselves outside of the school community. everyone. ernie: very nice. want you to come back and talk more about some of these win-win situations going on. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. >> the other top story we're following is the looming new jersey transit strike. we're about 30 hours from that deadline. antwan lewis is in newark with an update on the talks. what do you know right now? what's happening? >> reporter: we can tell you both sides are talking, but no information has come out of the hilton. we'll stay on top of it. let me break down what it is they're discussing. let's take a look at video. if you look at the boards inside newark penn station, you can see trains are running as normal for now. but 4,000 rail workers are set to strike just after midnight on
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the union wants an 18.4 percent raise over seven years, pay retroactive back to 2011 and a 2-1/2 percent health insurance cap. new jersey transit is offering a 10.9 raise over seven years and employees contributing 20 percent to health insurance costs. the negotiations remain stalled. one official says he knows who's to blame. >> there's only one person you can blame. that's the governor of new jersey. he is desperately underfunded. at the beginning of his tenure, new jersey transit had 350 million of the general fund. the current fiscal year, they have $34 million. a 90 percent reduction. >> reporter: the union hasn't had a contract in five years. there's a lot of feelings and emotions tied to this on both sides. transit officials are saying it would cost too much to meet the
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but they're still talking. my colleague dan bowens will be taking over at some point. we've got less than 30 hours or so until we could see a strike. back inside to you. ernie: we're right on top of it. thank you for that report. keep it here on fox 5 for the latest on that story. we have a lot more for you tonight. let me ask you how often do you change your passwords? coming up next, why keeping a favorite password might be better than constantly changing them. we'll tell you about that in just a minute. >> monday, we continue our focus on the presidential race. this time we're talking about courting the women's vote. are they backing hillary clinton or is there more to it? that's coming up on monday. we'll be right back after the
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ernie: nick is here. we're talking about a lot of things. the weather will be nice this weekend. nick: fabulous, especially tomorrow. ernie: and i'm talking about moving the clocks ahead one
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i know it's 2:00 a.m. sunday. i do it around 2:00 on saturday afternoon. i turn all the clocks around. watches. nick: the reason? ernie: i don't want to worry about it. there are too many clocks and watches to worry about. that's my thing. i know when it's supposed to be done. i'm getting ready for it. i kind of like the change. nick: don't be late for my -- any appointments. ernie: if i am, i'll blame you. nick: it is 2:00 sunday morning. that's when we change it. ernie: i didn't mean to confuse people. spring forward. fall back. that's the old line. ready to go now. nick: you got it right. we're see you hopefully on time on monday. 68 for the high today. that was after midnight. most of the day has been in the lower 60s. not another record high like the last two days, but way above the average high of 48. average low of 34.
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we'll be in the low to mid 40s in the city and 30s in the suburbs. look at the record low. that's 14 in 1960. it can get quite cold. 73 in 1977 for the record. 6:12 sunrise. down 5:59. .06 of an inch of rain this morning. 59 now. humidity dry, wind northwest. and mid to high scattered clouds. pressure 30.22 on the rise. a lot of the highs after midnight. low 60s on the east end up to poughkeepsie. 52 monticello. 66 as you get down to the jersey shore. we're cooling down now. upper 50s southern connecticut to islip. it's into the 40s montauk. monticello is down to 46. 53 at sussex. 60 at newark. and low 60s at the jersey shore. a lot of the region 10 to 18 degrees cooler than just 24 hours ago. and you can thank this northwest wind that's been in our area much of the day. a little breezy at times. it's going to calm down as the night goes along and become more southeasterly overnight into
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a southwest wind returns tomorrow afternoon. that's why we've got to hold range. nothing on fox 5 sky guardian of concern tonight. just some of the clouds on the satellite photograph. you can see in the last couple of frames they are disappearing. the temperature will head down to chilly readings as high pressure moves on top of us overnight and into tomorrow. it will be a fabulous day as the high slides off to the south and east. eventually it will bring moisture up in our direction. that's going to be for sunday. sunday should be okay. it won't be the prettiest, but a combination of sun and clouds. mild, in the lower 60s. monday will be the next big change coming up. weather. 30s in the suburbs. we'll get to 54 by lunchtime. beautiful, sunny day. 60 in the afternoon. you saw how much above average that is. there's the high pressure zone tomorrow. here comes clouds tomorrow night. look at sunday, a combination of
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showers and the rain will hold to the south. later sunday night, showers come in. monday the wind comes off the ocean and the rain moves in. a different day. it won't be out of the upper 40s on monday. clear, chilly, 44 tonight. 30s in the suburbs. tomorrow, a fabulous day. sunny, around 60. and back to 62 on sunday. clock change, 2:00 a.m. sunday. rain monday, 49. big change there. showers still around tuesday, 61. we'll stay in the 60s after that. 64 wednesday. looks good. showery weather thursday at 61. that's st. patrick's day. dry and cooler on friday. ernie: very good. one hour ahead 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. i'll be there or be square. something else i want to tell you about. something important. i'll let that every few months you get an e-mail at work that says time to change your password, right? we've been taught that changing it often helps keep our information safe. but as mac king tells us, that might actually be the wrong approach.
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>> i forget every couple of months, i might log in and be like i can't get in. i have to change it. >> reporter: many corporations believe the more often they force employees to change their company passwords, the more secure the company network becomes. >> the problem is that you're going to make it easy. when you change the password, you'll add a 1 or 0 or letter to the one you have. >> reporter: paul writes a lot about digital security. he's concluded making frequent changes to passwords leads to simpler passwords, leaving the password predictable and whatever information the password protects vulnerable. >> the problem with passwords that you can remember easily is people can crack them. >> i repeat with different punctuation. >> i have them written down. >> they're all related. >> reporter: the internet offers a supply of password advice. popular passwords, good, bad, biometric passwords, but if a site gets hacked, which happens more and more, it doesn't matter
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more important than frequent changes to one's password, they recommend a strong password, different for every account, two step authentication with one cell phone and a password manager to keep it straight. i'm mac king, fox 5 news. ernie: those passwords can drive you crazy. time for my question for you this evening. i'm wondering about soap. do you prefer to have a bar of soap or would you rather have the liquid? what do you like? what's your preference? your answers are coming up. first, russ will be here in a minute to talk about the jets quarterback situation. we're back right after the break
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ernie: russ is here. you were talking about the jets quarterback situation yesterday. today an interesting turn. pray tell? russ: to be the quarterback of the jets or not to be the quarterback of the jets, that is the question. the latest has robert griffin iii visiting the jets today. robert griffin iii recently cut by the washington redskins, he was due $60 million against the cap. we're talking about a guy who was the 2011 heisman trophy winner, a guy who was the 2012
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ernie: could he help the jets? russ: his fall from grace has been monumental. i think what the jets are doing now now, they're doing their due diligence. the quarterback situation is up in the air. they don't know what's going on with ryan fitzpatrick. they're going to look at anything possible. i don't think that's what they want, but they have to do their due diligence. ernie: how did they get into the situation with fitzpatrick? how do you understand all that? russ: as george young used to say, gentlemen, it's always about the money. ryan fitzpatrick wants x amount of dollars. the jets are reportedly offering somewhere in the 7 to 8, 8 to 9 million a range where fitzpatrick, coming off his career year wants double that. quite frankly, if he wants double that, he's not going to
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i would be very surprised. ernie: what if he leaves the team? russ: if he leaves the team -- here's the deal. as a free agent, you're allowed to shop elsewhere. i think the jets are saying that, go ahead and see what you can do. it becomes a gamble on both sides. they're looking to see now who's going to blink. ernie: if he doesn't find the money, he stays with the jets? is that what you think? russ: unless somebody else comes to the jets. listen, the market dictates what you're going to get. if -- right now the leverage, if he gets a deal, he has leverage. if he doesn't get a deal, the jets hold the cards. i think the jets want him back. they want him to be the quarterback but not at those exorbitant numbers. ernie: it comes down to money. almost every deal you're talking about, that's the bottom line. that's it. russ: always. it's not just in sports. in life in general. bottom line is always about the money. there's quality of life and
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you something, ryan fitzpatrick put himself in a position, even if it's 8 million a year, who would have thought? he wasn't going to be the quarterback. ernie: not bad at all. thank you. when it's time to wash up, do you reach for a bar of soap or the liquid? what do you choose? we have great answers on this one coming up right after the break. what do you like? do you like the liquid? in new york state, we believe
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>> thanks for watching the news at 6:00. now you can connect with me on facebook. go to anastos. check it out. you can also answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. ernie: your personal choice. do you prefer a bar of soap or the liquid pump? >> i like the bar of soap. ernie: you do? you're very excited about that bar. how come? >> it makes me feel good. keeps my skin nice. i don't know. ernie: do you have different scents? >> no. it's best to do unscented. >> liquid. ernie: why? >> i like the way it goes on my body. that's why. it feels good. ernie: the liquid? >> the liquid feels good. ernie: you like the bar. tell me why.
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ernie: how does it feel? >> when you rub your skin, you feel the soap cleaning you up. ernie: with the bar? >> yes. ernie: do you ever use the liquid? >> of course. ernie: but you prefer the bar. >> yes. you wash your hand with the liquid but the bar for taking showers. ernie: taking showers. >> i like the liquid. ernie: what do you like? >> it lathers better. ernie: do you use it for everything? your hands, in the shower? >> yes. >> more sanitary. i feel it is. ernie: is it faster? >> yes. convenient. >> the bar of soap. ernie: you like it? i can see that. >> always a blessing to have a bar of soap. god bless everybody. ernie: bye-bye. bye-bye. take care. nice and clean. rub a dub-dub. thank you for joining us. i'm ernie anastos.
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for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> today on "tmz" -- >> isn't this perfect, kim kardashian's daughter is afraid of social media. >> it's got to be a bit of a crisis over the kardashian house. the kid doesn't want to be on social media. that's what the family is all about. >> can you imagine, he's going to have to go to college! >> cesar milan, the dog whisperer, is in trouble for something he did to a pig. >> the training was to be around pigs to try to get the dog to be nice so they use a pig basically as bait. >> delicious bait. [laughter] sorry. >> the browns officially cut johnny manziel just today. guess what he did last night? >> clubbing in l.a.! >> every day this week he's been in a nightclub in los angeles. >> i don't think any team is going to pick him up. >> now he's friends with scott disick and people are thinking he's trying to work a reality show.


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